Preservatives in skincare to avoid.


Phthalates are multifunctional chemicals. exposure to these chemicals are linked to endocrine disruption, reproductive and development toxicity. These can be listed on ingredients lists as Phthalates, DEP, DBP, DEHP or come under the wording fragrance.


Parabens are esters of p-hydroxybenzoic acid and is a synthetic preservative. These preservatives have been found to affect Oestrogen levels, which can potentially impact female reproductive health.                                                        These can be listed on ingredients lists as methylparaben (E218), propylparaben (E216), butylparaben and heptylparaben (E209) and ethylparaben (E214).


Triclosan is known as a wide spectrum antimicrobial/antibacterial agent. Believed to have the ability to penetrate through skin and is suspected to be endocrine/thyroid disruptors. Studies have found Triclosan accumulated in fatty tissues in three out of five human milk samples.