Healthy Skin, Healthy Life. Introduction

Welcome to my blog healthy skin, healthy life! I am a mother to 3 wonderful boys and a grandmother to a gorgeous little girl who inspired me to begin a new journey into natural skincare.
During my life I have always taken an interest in a cleaner living existence and with the very little knowledge I had, sought products for my family that offered a more natural or safer alternative.
Upon the announcement of my first grandchild I desperately began searching for products to use on babies that were natural but, realised I had no idea what was in the products. I simply did not understand how to read or comprehend an ingredients list. It was at that point I decided to pursue a Diploma in Natural Skincare Formulation.
I successfully completed that and went on to complete a few other courses in natural skincare such as Mum’s & Bubs products, Formulating with AHA & BHA’s, Advanced Certificate in High Performance Serum Formulation, Ingredients Masterclass, Aluminium Free Deodorant, Bath Product formulas and Certificate in Cosmetic Stability Testing.
With my newly gained knowledge I became quite frustrated when reading some books or articles that offered very little reliable information. My blog should assist in eliminating some misguided information about skincare.